Capital City Church

Capital City Church (formally First Baptist Church of Cheyenne) is actually "The first Baptist Church of Cheyenne". We were established in the Territory of Wyoming in 1877 and are an Independent Church that is committed to a consistent Grammatical/Historical interpretation of the Bible.

Our Church is currently in a Revitalization effort which started in February 2019 and we are receiving mentorship and partnership from two other churches. The first is Colonial Baptist Church of Cary, NC; and the Second is Laramie Valley Chapel of Laramie, WY.

We desire first and foremost to teach the inerrant and inspired word of God, love His people, and equip them for the work of the ministry. Additionally our hope is to be a multigenerational church that is committed to our God, His people, and the lost. Our anticipation is to have worship services that are both sacred and mindful of our current culture, reaching and honoring Jesus’ bride in every stage of life.

Our facility is large and has multiple opportunities for student ministries including a gym and a large youth room. Lord willing we will be using “The Gospel Project” as our student ministries curricula. It is a three year through the bible curriculum which is theologically conservative and uses all of today's technology to help parents with their in-home discipleship.